Sin poesía, la luna solo sería la luna – Without poetry, the moon would only be the moon.

Dos Quixotes sobre ruedas (Two Quixotes on Wheels)

Diseño Sin Título 6

Top 10 peer-voted storyreel and Excellence in Feedback awardee by Story Xperiential (Pixar in a Box)

This story was born on a recent trip with my large family to Herencia (Inheritance in English), my paternal grandparents’ hometown, where, after many years, I had the opportunity to connect with my “La Mancha” roots, closely contemplating the typical and famous windmills of these lands, which were named after the seven female characters which appear in the novel ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha’ (the best-selling fiction book in the world).

Well, as you can imagine, my grandparents are now elderly and had the great desire for the whole family to gather in the village where they were born and raised to spend a very special weekend together. And so it was. During those nights in the village, where some of the many adventures of Don Quixote took place, I felt very inspired and another great desire was kindled in me, to pay homage to my grandparents and, consequently, my roots, because I can think of no better ‘inheritance’ than the values they instilled in us, their precious time dedicated to us and all the love they have given us. Since this inheritance is like an imprint on the heart that will pass from generation to generation, I decided that the protagonists of this quixotic story would be my dear children (their great-grandchildren).

So, I hope you can enjoy my humble and modern adaptation of ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha’ as much as I have imagining and creating the plot. I wish that you are as entertained and amused by the exploits of its protagonists, Eric and Alana, as much as I am! And why in Spanish? Because after my two previous story reels in English, this time I wanted to make it more faithful to a project that, as I have already mentioned, is very personal and close to me, and the use of my mother tongue is an indissoluble part and additional element of this work.

*To Eric and Alana, my beloved son and daughter, for inspiring this adventure. -Oh yes! LOVE make us BRAVE-

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