Sin poesía, la luna solo sería la luna – Without poetry, the moon would only be the moon.

FLORA, A Mrs. Call Disney Tribute

Diseño Sin Título 5

(illustrations by Wences Pérez)

Best Story Reel – Adult- by Story Xperiential (Pixar in a Box)

*What if the most creative and inspiring moment in the life of the greatest cartoonist, visionary and dreamer ever in history had happened during his life in his Mums belly?

*What if the trigger of these ideas had been inspired by the person who fed him, took care of him and loved him unconditionally during his intrauterine life: FLORA?

Based on the life of Walt Disney’s mother, Flora Disney wrangles her family, and deals with a sweet-yet-mischievous mouse, as she gets ready to birth the complicated, brilliant man, who would become one of the biggest pop culture titans in American history.




It is a fantasy space-time journey through the mind, heart and belly of a woman who drew and inspired the growth, imagination and personality of the man whose drawings continue to inspire our lives: Walt Disney. This story tells the most important moments of Walt’s life: his intra-uterine life. This woman, the one before him, his beloved mum, is Flora Call Disney.

Because, paradoxically, the general public only knows about her tragic death and not her life legacy, I believe that the time has come to turn the tables. Focusing on the mother of such an iconic figure in American history is an interesting motif to delve into as the premise, with Flora not having nearly as much of the historical spotlight as her powerful son, Walt, who would go on to build a massive empire.

Because I wish to pay tribute to all mothers through this work. I am a fan of Disney stories, I grew up with them, they made me fall in love with cinema and its magic, and they ignited, somehow, the spark of imagination that I have today. I like to imagine that just as I was inspired when my mother told me Disney stories and took me to the movies to see his productions, Flora inspired her son through great classic tales as well.

Because Flora was a great mother, wife and, above all, a great woman who knew how to treat her

five children with tenderness, firmness and inspired them with great stories, in which she surely planted some seeds in their hearts, especially in Walt, and this in turn made the films that today move ours.


I hope that the audience can appreciate: Flora’s sense of love and affection for her family and the charming relationship between her and The Mouse; their friendship denoting the kindness and imagination that Flora has and passes onto Walt; the three main characters (Flora, The Mouse and The Baby) are developed in a way the support and complement each other; the historical references to the potential inspirations for Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and more; an authentic and visually cinematic world and time period in order to make FLORA a resonant story; that this story goes beyond fantasy and reality, beyond space and time, because it’s all about the essence of life: the meaning of life itself; and, above all, the the love and effort put into this work will be reflected on the big screen.

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